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   Designing and Using Postcards

• Individualized help and instruction

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• Seminars and talks
    • Print design, basic web design, email design
    • Marketing cultural events, using email campaigns, using Facebook
    • Press releases, postcard marketing, developing and using mailing lists
    • Multimedia marketing, developing your marketing plan

All training sessions are designed to give you a lot of useful information. These are working sessions, not entertainment shows. Come prepared to take notes (although handouts, useful forms, and class outlines are included).

Patient, quiet, step-by-step help in plain English will not only get your project going, but will also leave you with a solid foundation for successfully doing similar projects in the future. At each step, you will have time to absorb the information, ask questions, and go over the material again if you want before moving on to the next step. So that you don’t forget crucial details by the next day or the next project, we will make a detailed, step-by-step guide for you to follow. The pace is set by you, and getting sidetracked by related issues is allowed!

People who don’t want to be rushed, who find these topics confusing, or who want to be sure that they have a solid grasp of the material at the end of the day, will benefit the most.

Impatient people and people who don’t deal well with details are not well-suited to this type of presentation. If you just want a speed-learning jumpstart, information you can grab quickly and run with, you would be better off elsewhere.

Limited to no more than 12 people (most often eight to ten people), these sessions include a wealth of information as well as opportunities to get help with your specific project.

During each block of information presented, participants will have opportunities to ask questions, get ideas, and solve problems about their own projects, not only from the presenter, but also from the other participants. This level of input for your project can be invaluable and even eye-opening, and can serve as a mini focus group for your ideas.

Workshops through a company can include even more hands-on time because all participants will be using the same programs (a workshop on emails where everyone in the company is using Vertical Response as the email marketing tool, for instance).

Set up methods for retaining current clients/audiences

Presented for larger groups where individual project attention is impractical, these sessions include all of the information, handouts, and forms from the workshops, but without the emphasis on helping participants with specific projects.