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PGS was founded in 1997 by Bobbi Melville to bring together all the services that small businesses need to produce outstanding materials to promote their services.

PGS serves non-profit organizations and small businesses that offer services, programs, events, issues, locations, and trips. We are not set up to serve businesses whose main objective is to sell products.

PGS works with people who are passionate about their mission and programs. We work closely with owners, directors, and small groups of people who are dedicated to developing designs and plans that reflect their excellence and professionalism.

Areas of particular interest are the arts, animals, environmental issues, outdoor travel, nature, countryside preservation, historic sites, and medical services.

PGS also does outdoor location photography for specific projects in addition to maintaining a large inventory of photos to license as needed.

A graduate of Mount Holyoke College, Bobbi was a director and owner of an outdoor travel organization from 1971 to 2010. Among her other roles, she designed all of the publicity materials and marketing strategies for the organization (Student Hosteling Program).

Her passion for good design, well-organized information, and the psychology of ethical marketing led her to found Publicity and Graphic Services in order to help small organizations and businesses accomplish their good works.

Her designs have won the Governor’s Award for the Best Tourism Creative Execution in both the Performing Arts and the Tours categories, and she has been included in several editions of Who’s Who of American Women.
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